Chess Coordinates Trainer

In the game of chess, you have 64 squares on the board. 64 squares where you can place your pieces. Each square has its own name. Remembering the name of these squares in key for learning, understanding and improving in chess. But learning the names of these squares is no easy feat, especially for beginners. In order to make this learning process easy, I created a simple game using which you can easily learn chess coordinates.

Technologies Used: React.js, Typescript


A CLI for running firebase database and firestore queries on the shell. Just install the package globally using npm or yarn, select the service (Realtime Database or Cloud Firestore), enter the path to config file and run your queries.

Technologies Used: Node.js, Firebase API

Sudoku Solver

Ever solved a sudoku puzzle. It's tricky right? Don't worry! With this app you can get any valid sudoku puzzle solved within seconds. Just enter the sudoku config and hit submit.

Technologies Used: Python 3, Flask, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap 4